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  • Create your concept for living

    Erik and Me app and tools are designed to create what you love.

    Take time to step back and really think what makes life meaningful. Aim too feel happy and fulfilled in what you do.

    Use daily log (app) and weeklys system (online tools) together and make one plus one greater than two.

    Create effortlessly...

    Track daily. Plan weekly.

  • Track daily

    Disfunctie veroorzaakt een variatie van klachten zoals (zenuw)pijn, uitstraling, bewegingsbeperking en instabiliteit. De uitdaging is om eerst de onderliggende beperking(en) te lokaliseren (hiervoor gebruiken wij oa spiertesten en neurolymfatische punten). Vervolgens kan met voldoende aandacht voor de persoonlijke functionele anatomie, biochemische individualiteit en dagelijkse context een blauwdruk ontstaan voor het opheffen van de disfunctie (behandelen van verkleving, verbeteren van signaaloverdracht, opheffen van blokkades).     

  • Plan weekly

    Rome wasn't built in a day. Real change and sustainable results require a clear and strong approach. A quick fix approach works only for a short period of time and contributes to the underlying chronic condition. Transformation doesn't happen linearly or without hard work. There's no short cut.
    In the words of Stephen R. Covey, “change - real change - comes from the inside out. It doesn't come from hacking at the leaves of attitude and behaviour with quick fix personality ethic techniques. It comes from striking at the root - the fabric of our thought, the fundamental, essential paradigms, which gave definition to our character and create the lens through which we see the world.”

  • Pijn is een lichaamseigen signaal en de minst begrepen factor binnen de revalidatietraining

    Commit yourself to establishing and achieving, for example, a '1000 Day Goal'. Divide this into 10 periods of progressive actions - '100 Day Move' - and create a solid foundation for development. You can run different timeframes and projects at the same time. Personally I'm a fan of David Allen's 'Planning Model' described in his great book - Getting Things Done. Design a personal system based on this horizontal and vertical focus and make it visual. I use chalkboard magnet wallpaper ( to broaden my view and ideas in a more energized and stress-free way. I reflect daily on my desired outcomes (horizontal focus) and my next actions (vertical focus) to build up leverage.

  • Creëer een sterke basis, focus op je wervelkolom

    To execute ideas you need more than just a thought. For accomplishment you need enthusiasm and to stop doing the same things over and over again, expecting a different result. Adopt the belief that you can change and kickstart every new period by adressing and counteracting any shortfalls. Take it step by step and get organized with lots of inspiration - start with giving the project an uplifting title.